This offers a small panel with basic form buttons: Save, Close/cancel, delete.


Binding reference

  • action-form: The parent form controller variable to use in order to check if form is clean (variable)
  • action-close-url: A url to redirect to if user hits close (string)
  • action-allow-delete: True to allow delete (boolean)
  • on-delete: A callback function to call if user hits delete (function)


Requires a parent ga-panel.


The controller allows transclude in order to present additional markup such as more buttons next to Delete.

Code sample

<ga-panel panel-title="Actions">
  <ga-panel-actions action-form="$ctrl.<%= objectName %>Edit"
                    action-close-url="#!/<%= objectUrl %>s"
                    action-allow-delete="$ctrl.<%= objectName %>Id"
                    on-delete="$ctrl.delete<%= objectTitle %>()"></ga-panel-actions>