npm install -S ng-gentelella

Static files

Built files are conveniently provided under the build/ directory. These include all gentelella and ng-gentelella css and js files.

Otherwise, include the node_modules/ng-gentelella/gentelella js files in your html or build system (eg gulp, example gulpfile). It is recommended that you include the templates path node_modules/*ng-gentelella/gentelella/**/*.html using some html2js module.

Alternatively you can expose the template files as /ng-gentelella with app.use('/ng-gentelella', express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'node_modules', 'ng-gentelella')));.


In your application, render a gentelella default index page as you would.

Replace the main page content markup with an angular ng-view as in this example: <div ng-view class="view-frame"></div>

Then develop proper Angular dashboard, list and detail components as you would normally do, and use the above components in their templates to automate development.